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February 17, 2014

I2g Infinity2 Global - Online gaming | social Media

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i2g Infinity2 global-A unique platform that combines the popular avenues of online gaming,  and social media

i2g Infinity2 global, popularly known as I2g has been around for few months now and is a unique concept that has helped numerous people earn loads sitting at home through their online platform that mixes gaming with social media and makes it a surefire success formula

USA (February 7, 2014): Online gaming and social media are two such aspects of the internet that have taken over the world like a frenzy. Almost anyone who uses the net is gaming freak or a social media user. Both of these indispensable part of our lives have now been combined into an innovative platform called Infinity2 global, commonly known as I2g that lets members who sign up for it, earn handsome amounts whilst sitting in their homes.

The unusual name of the company defines the goals and mission of the company. i2g Infinity2 global is broken up into: 1) Infinity-Members get paid to infinity, 2) 2-Means there are two teams and 3) Global-Means it’s available all over the world. Considering that online profit sharing is booming worldwide, it makes sense to sign up for something as fun and well-paying as I2g’s program that is already setting records internationally as far as its financial success, popularity and growth go.

Most profit sharing companies are struggling to balance their customer-distributor ratio and this is what makes i2g Infinity2 global stand a class apart as they are high on sustainability in the long run and have far more customers than distributors. The company is involved in two of the highest online areas and thus members who sign up can be rest assured that they will be reaping huge benefits soon after they pay the initial joining sum. People can choose from any of 4 the joining sum packages as per which they will be getting the benefits:
·         Novice level- $120
·         Player level- $400
·         High Roller- $600
·         Emperor- $5000
There are five ways to get paid depending on the initial sum people pay:
·         Fast start bonus
·         Dual team or binary income
·         Matching bonus way
·         Leadership bonus
·         Emperor pool
Infinity2 global aka I2g is a longtime worldwide online opportunity that is big on sustainability. Its president and CEO, Mr. Rick Maike has more than 25 years of experience in the networking, marketing and sales industry. The company’s mission is to touch the lives of billions all over the planet while creating an avenue of limitless possibilities.

You can sign up here

My 14 Inch Nails Cost Me $20,000

My 14 Inch Nails Cost Me $20,000
Larue Drummond has not cut her fingernails for eight years - costing more than £10,000 in upkeep. The mum-of-four says her 14-inch talons are like her babies and she spends up to 12 hours at a time getting them pampered. LaRue, 54, shells out hundreds having her nail coloured and adorned with rhinestones. The grandma of eight says she attracts attention wherever she goes from people curious about her extreme nails.

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Lion vs Hyenas: Pack of Hyenas Attack Lion And Steal Its Prey

This amazing footage shows an audacious clan of hyenas boldly overpowering a young male lion and making off with his freshly killed wart hog. The 20-strong scavenger pack attacked the lone lion, leaving it "battered, bruised and hungry". Photographer Mark Sheridan-Johnson said he'd never before seen such a large clan dominate a lion in its pride.

Watch the video here:

December 13, 2013



I2G touch - Infinity 2 Global- I Want 20K Under The Christmas Tree with I2G!

i2g: Infinity 2 Global

i2g Infinity 2 global
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This explains everything you need to know about i2g

I2G  120 Days

September 18, 2013


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